Our intention is to provide the interior designers with knowledge and proffesional tools to create a conscious vision of wood flooring.
We provide full information concerning: 

A sub-floor for wood floor. 
How to prepare a sub-floor for wood flooring? How to solve a problem of a week concrete subfloor? What special features must have a subfloor in connection with different kinds of wood flooring?
How to fix a wood floor - will it be fixed on boarding joists, should we use a tongue & groove installation or maybe it would be better to adhere it permanently to the subfloor? 

How to choose the best conception of wood floor? 
Wood floors might be layed both in private apartments and in public facilities. Some kinds of floors will be more suitable for a pub or a department store while others will be ideal for a residential purposes. Some kinds will be great for a fitness studio, and another ones will fit to the office. Also, different kind of flooring will be suitable for a 5-stars hotel and another kind - for a small study.

What kinds of wood flooring might be used on underfloor heating? 
Is it possible to lay a wood floor on underfloor heating? Certainly, yes! The modern technology makes it possible to produce wood floors that can be layed not only on underfloor water heating but also on electrical heating!

Do I need oiled, varnished or waxed floor? 
There are many ways of finishing the surface of wood flooring. The choice depends not only on purpose of the floor but also on one's individual preferences. Each surface type gives the floor different character and defines a room's climate. 

How to take care of a wood floor so that there would be no problems with it?
Unsuitable care and maintenance products combined with lack of appriopriate knowledge in this matter may result in arising many problems, what will destroy the effect of interior designer's work.

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